"We recognize no Sovereign but GOD, and no King but JESUS"! - Founders John Adams & John Hancock

GRFA welcomes you to His prophetically-rare Divinely-needed 4-R's Remedy VISION to RESTORE America's Bible-based REPUBLICPROV29:18 2CHRON7:14 NEH2:17 REV2:7

       Evangelist Stephen FORFER, Jesuit'75; B.S.'79-LSU; MDIV'95-NOBTS [Pres-Search Comm]
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About Us

GRFA is God's prophetic Evangelism Ministry dedicated to RESTORATION of America's Bible-based Christian REPUBLIC & Great Harvest to CHRIST via His "4-R's" VISION:

1) Prophetically-anointed preaching producing Biblical broken-ness & REPENTANCE, manifesting
2) Heaven-sent genuine REVIVAL of His churches, motivating to
3) REDISCOVER America's Bible-based Christian Republic, mobilizing to
4) RESTORE God in government by reclaiming right stance in public arenas evidencing His Omnipotent
    FIRE [Elijah-IKINGS18], our Biblical hope for GREAT HARVEST to CHRIST for soon glorious return!
*Print-Published prophetic Book "GOD And FOUNDERS' REMEDY For AMERICA"                       now available on AMAZON  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0996916598?ref_=nav_signin
E-Book available AMAZON http://amzn.com/B010JBZU36  & BARNES-NOBLE http://tinyurl.com/godfounders
*WATCH TV Interview http://tinyurl.com/onsrg8j "Ringside Politics" [WLAE Network]
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyFbBWLqa5g preached for nation-wide Pro-Israel Rally live via satellite from 
   Jerusalem by FOX-News [Glenn BeckDavid Barton [WallBuilders]! 
In 1963, God planted seed in heart of 6-yr-old boy observing beloved mom crying over Supreme Court ruling removing Prayer/Bible/Ten Commandments from public schools, divinely using this profound childhood memory to later lead to Christ and call to Ministry, laying foundation for over 20yrs prayerful research and study of Scripture & Founders to inspire His powerfully prophetic Sermon-Manuscript "GOD'S REMEDY FOR AMERICA" 
http://wvtea.org/profiles/blogs/gods-remedy-for-america preached for any having "ear to hear" REV 2:7, preaching Revivals for churches across America, serving as Keynote-Speaker for organizations & serving as Prayer-Leader for U.S. Senators Cassidy-Vitter & Congressman Scalise! [GRFA Church-Revival Report of a Godly Pastor BELOW]
"Palestine Church can find no words adequate to convey our eternal gratitude for His powerful anointing upon GOD'S REMEDY FOR AMERICA Evangelism Ministry! In every message preached was God's emphatic call to repentance & salvation with souls saved/dis-
cipled and His remnant churches to "Rise up" & be part of His Remedy to help restore this once Godly nation to her Christian roots! By Providential hand of God America was founded as a Christian Republic, & by His grace through humbly bold prophets like you, spirit-
ual restoration is indeed divinely possibleThank you Bro Stephen for heralding to our church & others having ear to hear His rare but powerful series of anointed Biblical messages, proclaiming documented historical evidence reminding that our Christian nation didn't come into existence by chance! May God richly bless you & GRFA, & may PBC & America's churches faithfully fulfill His vision to RISE UP & RESTORE to reap a GREAT HARVEST to CHRIST in AMERICA"! - Pastor Fred Brumfield, Palestine Baptist Church-BogalusaLA
Today many "subversive traitors" [per Washington BELOW] deny America's Biblical foundation bestowed by Founders, aiding 2 "Myths of Demonic Deception" upon alleged "secular-pluralistic" society now posing greater threat to destroy from within than all Islamic terrorists combined, effectively exploiting the apathy-slumber of America's churches for over half-century 2CHRON7:14, perceiving their false gods more powerful & assuming God no longer has divine power as His church passively watches Founders' Bible-based Christian Republic attacked PSA11:3!

BUT GOD is still raising up redemptively bold & faithful prophets for such a time as this, boldly standing for Him publicly confronting the forces of evil, evidencing to an increasingly lost nation that He is Omnipotent, prayerfully trusting His power (evidenced through His repentant church!) to compel them to confess Him as the only true God, Divinely preparing for a GREAT Harvest to Christ!
Even some skeptical professing Christians & church-members may suggest, "America's already crossed the spiritual deadline of no return, with little or no hope for earthly survival much less spiritual repentance/restoration"! 
But God's the ONLY Omniscient One knowing whether prophetically true or not! Given America's long-declining spiritual condition amidst perilous last days, perhaps they may even be tragically but conceivably correct about Amer-ica's apocalyptic earthly fate! But even IF she refuses to hear & heed His vision, God's EZEK3 "Watchman" principle still instructs us to redemptively WARN His church & nation in order to personally present hands "unstained by their 
blood" (v19) at the Bema Seat!          
Trusting your heart longs to see spiritual restoration & GREAT Harvest to CHRIST in America, GRFA Ministry would be honored by your Spirit-led invitation to bless your beloved church or organization with HIS REMEDY FOR AMERICA as He prophetically continues "opening doors no man can shut"!   

"COME, & let us spiritually RESTORE...that we be no more a reproach"! NEH 2:17
"He that hath an EAR, let him HEAR what the Spirit saith"! REV 2:17
Are you willing to risk your eternal destiny by passively observing the peril of these last days manifesting before your very eyes, only to get apocalyptically left behind to face Great Tribulation & eternal torment? Suppose JESUS asked you this question: "Why should I let you into heaven?" - what would you say to Him? If you have ANY doubt about your answer, you can settle it once & for all right now by praying a simple heart-felt child-like prayer such as this:

"Dear Lord, I know I'm a sinner & can't save myself - but thank you for dying on the cross for my sins - I now REPENT of my sins & through FAITH ask you to come into my heart Lord Jesus - forgive my sin & save my soul - I give you my life - make me the person you want me to be through prayer, daily Bible-study & faithful service in a Christ-centered/Bible-believing church - in Jesus' name I pray, AMEN"!    

Rev Stephen G. FORFER, Founding-Evangelist 
148 Beech Street
Covington, Louisiana 70433 
*Schedule Church-Revivals/Guest-Preaching/Speaking-Engagements @:
Office: 985-237-0889 EmailStephenForfer@gmail.com                                                  

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD" PSA 33:12 

"Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to ANY people"

  [even America] PROV 14:34

"The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a REPUBLICAN form of government" -         [Art4-Sec4:Constitution]

"...and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands" - [Pledge of Allegiance]

"Our citizens should early understand that THE genuine SOURCE of correct Republican principles is the BIBLE-  America's Founders [Noah Webster]

"Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest of our CHRISTIAN nation to select & prefer CHRISTIANS for their rulers" - America's Founders [John Jay, 1st Chief-Justice:Supreme Court, based on Prov29:2]

"A simple DEMOCRACY [source of authority: "MAJORITY-rule"] is the DEVIL's own government" - America's Founders [Benjamin Rush] Prov14:12;21:2

"Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, Bible-based religion & morality are indispensable supports; in VAIN would that man CLAIM the tribute of PATRIOTISM who should labor to SUBVERT these great pillars" - George Washington [Final Farewell Address]



148 Beech Street, Covington, LA | 985.237.0889




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